Health Care Now Insurance Assistance Program

Health Care Now is a HELP Center program that provides insurance premium payment subsidies for eligible current patients. We work in conjunction with Pride Life – a national insurance group and trusted partner serving the LGBTQ community – to provide health insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act to qualifying HELP Center patients at no cost.

To qualify for our premium assistance, you must meet the requirements below. Participating in the program will allow you not only to continue receiving services at the HELP Center free of charge but also expand your access to include primary care health services, urgent care and hospitalizations.

Program Requirements

  • You must be a current patient at the HELP Center
  • You must remain actively in care with HELP’s clinical program
  • You must be compliant with medication fills and follow-up appointments
  • You must meet the basic qualifications of the Affordable Care Act
  • You must provide any required documentation for enrollment to the Market Place or HELP Center as directed
  • You agree to be enrolled in the Patient Advocate Foundation to assist with premium costs and copays. (Which may include providing proof of income and social security card)

If you have questions, contact the HELP Center at (817) 200-6500 or fill out the form below.

OPEN ENROLLMENT: November 1st – January 15th



Uninsured individuals who are active in their care at the HELP Center qualify for the Health Care Now insurance assistance program.  You will need to call Pride Life to make sure we are able to get you on a plan with premiums under our cap.

Additionally, you are eligible to enroll in an ACA insurance plan if you are living in the U.S. lawfully, are uninsured, not currently incarcerated or covered by Medicare.

To qualify, you must sign up during Open Enrollment but could still be eligible if you had a qualifying life event such as changing jobs, getting married/divorced, moving, etc. Pride Life, LLC will help determine if you are eligible for our Health Care Now coverage.

Yes, your PrEP medication, clinic visits, and labs are always free at the HELP Center.

Any copays for your PrEP medication or any other medication prescribed by a HELP Center provider will be covered at 100% as long as you fill them at our pharmacy or one of our contract pharmacies.

No. Your Blue Cross Blue Shield Advantage HMO health insurance is a full coverage policy. You can use your insurance at your designated primary care provider, referred specialists, urgent care facilities, contracted hospitals, and pharmacies.

This happens sometimes when Blue Cross/Blue Shield has outdated information. Call Pride Life at 1-844-527-6771 and they will find you a provider near where you live.

No.  You can call Pride Life at 1-844-527-6771 to see if your preferred provider is in-network or get a list of other providers near you.

Do NOT pay it. Sometimes the payment and billing cross in the mail.  All payments are made through our partner Pride Life.  If you receive a bill send a copy of it to support@pridelife.net and copy us at insurance@helpcentertx.org.  We will follow up with Pride Life on your behalf.

Yes. Annual household income and other information such as your social security number is used to decide if you qualify for savings on health coverage through the Marketplace (like the premium tax credit) and other cost savings, like lower copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles (also called cost-sharing reductions).

Pride Life, LLC will help determine if you are eligible for our Health Care Now coverage.

No, your insurance allows for services within the state of Texas. You will need to notify Pride Life LLC and HELP Center that you have moved out of state.

No, if you have double coverage you need to contact Pride Life, LLC for assistance and the HELP Center to avoid having to pay back your premium tax credit if you received one.

You need to notify Pride Life, LLC and the HELP Center to avoid having to pay back your premium tax credit if you received one.

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